Scott HerckisBefore he founded his business advisory firm, SJH Financial, business specialist Scott Herckis made sure he had plenty of education. He started by doing the work to obtain a B.B.A. in accounting from the University of Texas, Austin. He followed that up by passing his CPA exam during his five years working in the Audit and Assurance Department at accounting legend Arthur Andersen. While working at Andersen, he dealt with a large number of large corporate clients, such as Sheraton Hotels and Cadbury Schweppes.

Following his stint with Arthur Andersen, Scott Herckis continued to increase his profile in the accounting and finance industry through his active roles as a controller with companies in the fashion and apparel. He also serves as a Vice President of Finance and, eventually, as a CFO. That wide range if experience and gained knowledge makes him a great partner to have when an organization is engaged in a search for outside financing, whether it is for a start-up or expansion, or if an organization is looking to get a handle on its current finances.

Scott Herckis has a passion for assisting small business owners in making financial decisions that benefit them most. That’s why SJH Financial sets itself apart from many other financial counselors. Another reason is certainly Scott’s ability to communicate everything to his clients about every aspect of finance. Scott Herckis works from a basic premise that Scott Herckis holds very closely, that financial advice is worthless if the person receiving it has no idea how to use it. That’s why the company delivers its financial expertise with a lot of sage wisdom.